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Angel Ribas Da Silva

Angel joined Made Mortgage after her successful career in the medical field. She worked closely with Electrophysiologists, Conventional Cardiologists, and Physician Assistants on patient charts where attention to details are extremely important. Her ability to quickly analyze reports and statistics are put to use everyday as she reviews important mortgage documents and calculations on a […]

Phuong Thi

Phuong is the lead on loan processing and assists clients with getting the loan through the final funding stages. She helps clients organize and gather the requested documentation from underwriters. Her great communication skills allows her to make sure all parties of the transaction are completing their objectives so that the loan closes smoothly and […]

Scott Nguyen

Scott has over a decade of mortgage lending experience and leads the team at Made Mortgage. He’s dedicated to helping his clients navigate through the mortgage process. Scott takes an individualized approach in evaluating his clients finances and assists them with finding the best loan rates for their scenario. He has leadership experience at several […]